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Vintage costume clear out

When you finally decide you really do have to sell your costumes…
It’s been a blast lovely costumes of mine. I’ve loved assigning you all roles and putting you on the stage. Or sometimes, you got to languish for years on a rail … waiting … Will you get the role – or not?
Other times I sent you away to other places and they applied pins, needle and thread and (horrors!) a
sewing machine (against all sensible advice, written rules and desperate pleas). But then you came home to me. I would sit and unpick the frantic stitching someone applied before your entrance. (Oh, for the days when you get the cast to try costumes on before the first night.)
So now, lovely quirky costumes – both vintage and handmade – you’re all off to new, loving homes.
But, the ones who I changed and adjusted beyond recognition – well, they get to stay. There’s another plan for the costumes that no longer recognise their beginning. The shapeshifters – the ones whose identity has I distorted, twisted and created anew. For those odd pieces of toggery, more shapes are yet to come.