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The Candelabra Affair

I have a lot of old, broken jewellery. I collect it from various places – including my own modest collection of things I never wear (most of it to be honest). Then, one day whilst browsing in a local charity shop I found a rather plain and clearly unloved candelabra. I had tackled candlesticks before and they didn’t really put up much of a fight. But four additional arms? How hard could it be…

It’s a bit like getting halfway on a long (long) walk and realising you’d really like to stop now and be magically transported back to the start/finish. It was also time consuming, but during lockdown (this was in 2020) time was plentiful for some of us.

I spent a lot of mine wearing a different sort of mask so I could breathe whilst glueing heaps of old broken things to the candelabra. I also used material, paint, very fine glitter and probably other things that got caught up in the process that I’ve forgotten about. Like all time-heavy, fiddly, intricate projects it was good to finish. And rewarding. Now … a. where are my candles and b. shall I sell it?

The finished candelabra with old jewellery, paint and fabric