Offbeat Theatre Plays

Are you looking for a play that’s a bit different for your school or youth theatre production? Would you like it to be a bit off-the-wall, quirky, surreal and generally jolly good fun? Well, our Offbeat Theatre plays offer just that!
Offbeat Plays are by siblings Barbara Hockley and Rob Hockley and what they all have in common is a quirky craziness that kids of all ages love.  They are great fun to perform and, therefore, a great audience experience.
Barbara started to write because she ran a youth theatre and wanted to create unique productions. Rob was more inclined to write for television, but then decided to have a go at stage as well. Both have enjoyed a lot of success with plays and productions over the years, leading to a desire to share some of the plays with other groups.
We offer a small selection one act plays for children over 10 (generally) and teenagers. The Frog King was originally performed by adults.  You can also find a couple of full length plays and the odd (very odd) musical with composer Greg Swinford .
I do hope you enjoy exploring our work. I also hope you fancy staging something. In the meantime, please browse and contact me if you want any further info.

Darkness in the Night


A one act play by Rob Hockley

  • A fast paced, surreal witty comedy for 4 teenagers
  • Easy set and costumes with minimal props
  • Wordplay to die for (sorry)
  • Some physical comedy required
  • Runs for 50 minutes
  • A good competition piece
  • Set in the underworld – sort of..

    A pretty whacky small cast adventure into the Underworld – has served well in one act competitions.
    Photo by Jim Rolt


A one act play by Barbara Hockley

  • Cast of 16 or more required – lots of crazy parts to play with
  • Easy to stage and costume
  • Requires pirate gear and fake facial hair is always good
  • Extremely silly and surreal, but on the sensible theme of story writing
  • Lots of physical acting including a (ridiculous) sword fight
  • Age 11+ Runs for 35-40 minutes
  • More fun than you can imagine on stage

I have yet to meet a group that didn’t enjoy rehearsing this.
Practising ‘Gaaarrrhhhh’ (or similar) is particularly important.

Artwork by Emma Beebee


A one act play by Rob Hockley

  • An award-winning one act play
  • Good competition piece
  • Cast of 8 age 13+
  • Running time of 45 minutes
  • Very very funny
  • Easy to stage and costume
  • Food related incidents throughout

Tackling the relationship issues facing teenagers, but in a rather surprising manner.

Artwork by Emma Beebee


Words by Barbara Hockley; Music by Greg Swinford

  • A one act musical written for a ‘Leavers’ Gala’ – age 10+
  • Cast of 20 – 30 required (some flexibility on casting numbers)
  • Fantastic company songs and dance opportunities
  • Backing and practise tracks included
  • Running time 50 minutes
  • Characters are great fun and everything has lines and action!
  • Listen to music previews on SoundCloud

    Artwork by Emma Beebee


A full length play by Barbara Hockley

  • Cast of 24+ required ages from 11 years upwards
  • A full length play with dream interludes allowing creativity with music and sound
  • Flexible staging – super easy or elaborate as you like
  • Funny and poignant – some great characters to work with
  •  A plot that tackles the issues of friendship, ambition and ‘moving on’ in life
  • A magical experience working with dreams of all types
  • Opportunities for your tech teams to get busy and creative

    Photo by Jim Rolt


A full length play by Barbara Hockley

  • Written for adults to perform (very silly ones)
  • A chaotic rampage through ‘fairytale-land’ messing up some much loved tales
  • A good imagination workout 
  • Easy to stage – or complex if you prefer.
  • Originally part immersive experience on multiple sets in different locations, but fine on a stage too
  • Cast of 10, with extras as you wish

Of all the plays I’ve directed , this one is very high up on the ‘amazing amounts of fun’ scale. If you have a bunch of teenagers or adults up for the challenge, it really is ‘bonkers’ (the word we heard most in reviews). First performed by the Offbeat Theatre adult company.
Artwork by Emma Beebee

Interested? Do drop me a line...

Offbeat Theatre plays are tried and tested. We’re happy to help (if you need it) and we love to come and watch – should you be in the UK near the Midlands!