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Leavers’ Gala Musical: Get Spy School!

Spy School Musical Leavers Gala


Yes – a Leavers’ Gala Musical with a difference! How much fun can you have? Spy School is a one act BIG musical show for 9 – 12 year olds that has been penned by myself (Barbara Hockley) with music composed by Greg Swinford.
I developed the characters with a group of Year 6 children for their Leavers’ Gala show. At the time I thought they would all demand to be pirates. So, I was somewhat surprised to discover NOT ONE of them required an eyepatch. Spies, they said. And Father Christmas – but I managed that too. Sort of. 
One of the essential things in any Leavers’ Gala Musical is to make sure everyone gets to be involved. In Spy School – everyone is!

The different groups of spies were identified both by movement, name and costume ensuring that each child had 'their moment'- always important in a school production.
A Relieved Teacher
Brockhampton School


There is a plot – a very fine and silly one.
The plot is based on the overexcited Rookies (Code Names Bogbean, Foxglove and Milkweed – you’ll see why) who volunteer for a mission , on day one of training, to prove how good they are – sparking much amusement from the assembled spies. They are challenged to find the ‘Seventh Department’ by noon. Super sleuths will note that in the character list there are only 6 departments listed. 

Have a read of the script right here!
Our nervous rookies have just turned up at Spy School …

Spy School is a delightful play for primary aged children, incorporating lots of good characters, some punchy songs (and one hauntingly sad one), and a simple plot with a nice twist at the end.
Hugh Farey
St Richards School


Ok, you asked.
The Boss – Code Name: Father Christmas (told you).
Number 2 – Code Name: Easter Bunny 
Snax – The mysterious, but very cool,  tea & snacks person

Then there are the 6 departments and their agents:
Department of Geeky Gadgets: These agents – Gizmo, Gubbins and Gimmick – probably wear white coats and are adorned with crazy and geeky gadgets.
Department of Cool Posing: An essential part of spying is looking good while you’re doing it. Agents Prairie Dog, Penguin and Peacock show us how.
Department of Sneaking-like-a-Sheep: It goes without saying (so I’ll say it), that the ability to sneak is essential to a spy. Agents Prowls-like-a-Pigeon, Creeps-like-a-Crab, and Lurks-like-a-Lizard are … errr … experts.
Department of Cunning Disguises: Agents Garbo, Wiglet and Fancy explain the dress code that makes blending in so much easier.
Department for the Prevention of Alien Species Taking of the World:  Naturally, you need a department that deals with aliens. These agents may, or may not, be aliens. Agents Eeep, Burrp and Zigzig
Department of The Cookie Crumbles at Noon: Sometimes you have to be careful how you relay information. Agents The Jelly has Set, The Toast has Landed and The Teapot is in the Nest are the role models here.

So … you can probably see just how very serious this show is.
All the characters are fun and they all have lines, songs and crazy things to do. 

Read more about the play, check out the costs and staging info!


Spy School comes with a backing track AND a practise track with vocals for guidance.
The SPY SCHOOL page has more info – but have a listen to a few tracks right here and now.
SPIES – the Bondesque opening/closing number
PIE IN THE SKY – training exercise song for the Rookies
IN TOO DEEP – The lowest moment
SNAX RAP – the enigmatic Snax  gives a few clues
GUARDING THE CLUES – The Agents attempt to make the mission even more difficult

The play is so well written, with a plot which ensures that everyone stays involved right through to the end. A fabulous musical play which we would have no hesitation in recommending; great script, wonderful songs and a running tine of about an hour - ideal as a school production. We can't wait for Spy School - The Eighth Department.
A Happy Teacher
Brockhampton School


INTERESTED in this fine and exciting  Leavers’ Gala Musical? I would love to hear from you.
Check out the PLAY PAGE and contact me if you require info, script or just a chat.