The Vision Quest

Offbeat Directing 1: The Vision Quest Why read a guide? This series is not the definitive ‘How to Direct a Play’ guide – I wouldn’t presume to be anywhere close to that (not even sure what it might look like). This is how I direct… Read More »The Vision Quest

Beauty and the Beast stage revolve

Elegant Scene Changes

WHAT IS THE SCENE CHANGE ISSUE? Confession: I HATE scene changes. That moment when everything on stage comes to a standstill. The magic disappears, the lights go dim and you suspend your interest. People in black clothes start whooshing around the stage moving things around. I… Read More »Elegant Scene Changes

Spy School Musical

A collision in felt

This is what can happen when you leave an old bowler lying around the workshop. On one side of the table is the bowler. On the other? A pile of felt, some feathers, a few buttons, odd trimmings, braid and glue. One might almost think… Read More »A collision in felt