Just showing off

I wasn’t even in the play – but I did write & direct, so I dressed up and wandered about looking like I belonged on stage. It’s a favourite costume of mine (I’ve actually kept this one). I didn’t make it, but I did set fire to it when we were wondering how to make it look like it had been in a fire. Made sense to me.
Anyway… this is me posing on the occasion of ‘The Frog King’ production in Herefordshire a few years back (see plays page).
I’ve had years running a youth theatre, directing Offbeat Theatre (‘my’ company – although one hesitates to own such a thing as it totally depends on so many other people being involved and ultimately ‘owning’ it too), teaching drama and coaching privately. It’s been a blast to be honest! I’ve written, designed, directed, helped out in the wings, made costumes and props and generally had a go at anything as long as it’s not technical. No light or sound operating for me  – for which many people are grateful.
Alongside that I’ve always (adult ‘always’) created ‘art’ from anything I can find lying around. I love junk metal creations and anything else that transforms the many things that get thrown away. I can’t seem to stop – but then I’ve never really tried.
My newest great love is genealogy. I know… where did that spring from. It’s an addictive detective adventure into the past. And, despite the fact that it doesn’t involve glue or paint, I still love it.