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Hello! This is me, Barbara Hockley @ Offbeat Creativity, posing on the occasion of The Frog King production in Herefordshire a few years back.
I wasn’t even in the The Frog King – but I did write and direct, so dressing up and wandering about looking like I belonged on stage seemed reasonable. It’s a favourite costume of mine and therefore one I’ve actually kept. It’s not even a costume related to the play, but pretty much anything goes in The Frog King. I didn’t make it either, but I did set fire to it when we wondered how to make it look like it had been in a fire (the script at the time required it). This made sense to me.
What else have I done? For years I ran a youth theatre, taking on many aspects of every production. I wrote plays for teenagers and for younger children and I also taught drama in school and coached students one-to-one. Writing and directing was my main focus with Offbeat Theatre. I’ve designed, produced helped out in the wings and loved it all, but putting my own crazy plays on stage has been a blast!.
Alongside that I’ve always created ‘art’ from anything I can find lying around. Broken jewellery and scraps of beautiful fabric are my favourite things to use. And glue. A lot of glue. Up-cycling old costumes is another way to spend time – when I’m not setting fire to them. I can’t seem to stop – but then I’ve never tried.
My newest great love is genealogy. I know… where did that spring from? It’s an addictive detective adventure into the past, which I’m addicted to. Strangely, despite the fact that it doesn’t involve glue or paint, I still love it. 

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