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A collision in felt

This is what can happen when you leave an old bowler lying around the workshop. On one side of the table is the bowler. On the other? A pile of felt, some feathers, a few buttons, odd trimmings, braid and glue. One might almost think I had staged it. My very own production in felt and glue.

The bowler was very old. It was coming apart and the crown had split. It could have had a bit more life on stage, there’s a role for all costumes. But, sometimes you have to let go. In this case the letting go involved transformation. It was a fine day of bright colours and fun-with-glue.

What you need to make one

  • An old bowler – or any hat you like
  • Good sharp scissors
  • Felt!
  • Fleece also figures – use whatever you have
  • Braid, buttons and feathers
  • Any shapes, decorations or adornments you like
  • Glue. PVA or Copydex for me
  • Then glue things on the hat. Anyway you like.