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Offbeat Creativity is my place for the strange and quirky things I love – magical theatre, gorgeous costumes, up-cycling, the writing of daft & darkish plays and Offbeat Theatre archives.  Some of these creative activities are to inspire. Some you can have and use. For family research, I can do a lot of the work for you. Get in touch.

The Offbeat Plays

By Barbara Hockley & sibling Rob Hockley.
Mainly for schools and youth theatres, but also for youthful, slightly daft adults. The plays are pretty whacky, leaning towards dream-like or surreal. But always unusual and (I hope) an opportunity for challenging  fun.  Have a browse, you might find your next youth theatre or school production right here …

Offbeat Theatre The Killing of Poe

Offbeat Theatre Archives

Theatre. That glorious, magical realm of the imagination. This is where you get to put the strange contents of your head on stage. Or you get to put someone else’s imagination on stage. Or you direct, make costumes – anything creative and exciting. It’s all pretty fab. Read about Offbeat Theatre’s adventures over the years. 

Path through a wood


Genealogy and Family History. Researching the past. Discovering the lives and stories of the people who came before you. A journey we may well desire and find compelling at some point in our lives. Creating a family tree is a fascinating adventure. Your ancestral past is part of who you are right now. Find the people and the stories; I’d love to help you with your journey.

The Frog King detail

Oddtoggery & Chattels

In my theatre days I loved to make props and costumes – set building was a treat. Creating that magical space was a rare and special treat.  Pictured is detail from a large frog’s puppet head – for Offbeat Theatre’s The Frog King.
Now, I up-cycle old things (and new things) and generally get messy with all sorts of projects. Furniture, chattels of various sorts and clothes in particular. More serious, wonderful fun and something I hope will interest and inspire.

Lovely creations