Offbeat Creativity

strange and quirky things related to magical theatre, gorgeous costumes, up-cycling the old and new and the writing of daft & darkish plays

Things I love

Writing & Storytelling

Plays and blogs and strange notes about dreams.
But mostly plays – pretty daft, sometimes dream-like, surreal, occasionally a bit dark, but always unusual and (I hope) an opportunity for challenging  fun. 
Have a browse.

All Things Theatre

That glorious, magical realm of the imagination where you get to put the strange contents of your head on stage. Or you get to put someone else’s imagination on stage. Or you direct, make costumes – anything really. It’s all pretty fab.

Making & Up-cycling

In my theatre days I loved to make props and costumes – set building was a treat. Creating that magical space was a rare and special treat. 
Now, I up-cycle old things (and new things) and generally get messy with all sorts of projects. More serious, wonderful fun.


The past mainly. Discovering the lives of the people who created the pathway to who you are, how and where you arrived in this world. Genealogy and Family History – a fascinating adventure into your past that informs your present.

Day Dreaming

All. The. Time.

Lovely things to look at